I’m a developer, maker, and entrepreneur from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mostly working with Ruby and Javascript. I love to create and work on great products that solve real world needs, and believe every problem deserves a thoughtful solution.

Esteban's articles

  1. Rails Security Pitfalls

    Rails comes with a lot of good security standards by default, but there are also some common pitfalls, less known methods, and details that one must take into account to create a secure app. We’re going to take a quick dive into those pitfalls and see how to prevent them. Public Secret Token When creating […]

  2. Simple Background Jobs with Sucker Punch

    Running background jobs in an app is a great way to keep the UI snappy. Being it sending an email, calling some API, or any long running task, there’s always something that can be moved to the background. Sometimes, it makes sense to set up a queue and worker processes, but other times it would […]

  3. Get Your App Ready for Rails 4

    A new Rails version is about to be released and it’s coming with many changes, deprecations, and new features. Lets take a look at what you need to do to get your app ready for Rails 4. The Path to Upgrade The easiest way to be ready for Rails 4 is having your app on […]