Dave is a web application developer residing in sunny Glasgow, Scotland. He works daily with Ruby but has been known to wear PHP and C++ hats. In his spare time he snowboards on plastic slopes, only reads geek books and listens to music that is certainly not suitable for his age.

Dave's articles

  1. Much Ado About Diversity

    If you in the office right now, stop reading this for a moment, pop your head up and look around. I want you to count how many of your colleagues are women? If the current stats hold true there should be 1 woman for every 5 guys. That’s bang on in my office and I […]

  2. Giant Killing with Beanstalkd

    If you have ever dabbled in Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) or even read some interesting articles about it, you probably have come across the term “Message Queue”. The really terse explanation of a Message Queue, or MQ, is it allows services within your architecture to adopt a “fire and forget” approach to interacting with other […]

  3. Give Vagrant a Place in Your Workflow

    Recently I’ve been heavily involved in dev-ops. It’s a bit of a guilty pleasure for me really. These days it’s almost expected that we developers know something about setting up boxes correctly for our applications. It makes sense, we spent a lot of time getting our local environments just the way we want it. If […]

  4. Getting Your Javascript Under Control

    Do you remember the formal announcement of the asset pipeline at RailsConf 2011? I do, I thought it was pretty cool stuff. Like almost anything in Rails, some loved it and others hated it. Either way it made waves, then in the same breath DHH announced CoffeeScript and SCSS as default. BOOOM! Lets be honest, […]

  5. Command Line Applications for the Rest of Us

    I vaguely remember the first time I had to use the command line. It’s a scary step for any would be developer. You leave a safe, friendly, graphical environment for a bleak and unforgiving landscape. It’s just one of those things. After you have been drinking the Kool-Aid for a while you cannot understand how […]

  6. State Machines in Ruby

    To give them their Sunday name, Finite State Machines (FSMs) are all around us and if we open our eyes long enough you can see them in play when you buy a can of soda, progress through e-commerce shopping carts, pass through electronic turn styles in train stations. Back in my previous life as an […]

  7. Rspec-Given

    Testing is a Given I have played with a lot of testing frameworks. We Rubyists are forever obsessing about our testing. Be it testing like Usain Bolt or the TSA, either way, we be testing. And that is a very good thing. I subscribe heavily to making my code as readable and understandable as possible. […]

  8. Continuous Integration with CiJoe

    It is more than likely you write tests for your Ruby code. There are many forms of testing we can employ from isolated unit level to full stack integration. A common workflow for this is to pull the latest “clean” commit of the codebase, perform some actions and then prepare the code to be merged […]

  9. Working with Refinery

    The CMS market is a pretty saturated landscape. I feel confident saying that, at one time or another, every developer has dirtied their hands using WordPress, Joomla or some other PHP solution. In the Ruby world, there are far fewer options and one of the more mature is Refinery CMS. Not only does Refinery offer […]

  10. Rails Mass Assignment Issue: A PHP Perspective

    Now more than ever is the security of your rails application under close scrutiny. Github user homakov (Egor Homakov exposed a vulnerability of Rails (that no doubt also lives in an app near you) with this playful commit in the Rails project itself.. I fell in love with this commit purely for the meme fest […]