Daniel Cooper is a web developer from Brighton, UK

Daniel's articles

  1. Data Structures, Big O and You

    Data is at the heart of any nontrivial application – and while Ruby provides excellent Array and Hash classes with some seriously feel-good syntax support, anything else is rather sparse in the standard library. When you’re picking a data structure for your project beyond the standard Hash and Array the main consideration, and indeed the […]

  2. Composition & Inheritance

    “Favor composition over inheritance”, commonly attributed to a 1994 Book, Design Patterns, by a bunch of very smart people known as “the Gang of Four”, is often given as a solid piece of software development advice. In this article I’m going to try and explain why and how you should favor composition over inheritance – […]

  3. Page Caching with HTTP

    If you’ve got the sort of application which benefits from full page caching then chances are you’ve already had a look at rails style page caching. For the unfamiliar, page caching is useful when you’ve got an action in your app which is not unique per visitor and so can be saved and reused in […]

  4. Polish Your Gems

    As Ruby developers, we often forget how good we have it. We’ve got a awesome library distribution system in Rubygems, we use a powerful and flexible language that just begs to be used for DSLs and a culture of open development and community improvement. In this article, I’ll be talking about the ways you can […]

  5. Ditching ERB: A Guide to Using Liquid

    The view layer in a traditional Rails app hasn’t changed a huge amount since rails 1.0 was shipped back in the crazy mid noughties. Sure—you might have switched from Prototype to jQuery, XHTML to HTML5, CSS to slightly nicer responsive CSS—but the thing that’s always driven it all has been our good friend ERB. Perhaps […]