1. Developing with the Facebook Platform and PHP

    Social networking sites like Facebook provide site owners and developers with myriad new ways to promote their offerings. Here, David walks you through the many ways in which your apps can interact with Facebook to provide enhanced functionality and facilitate the cross-promotion of your sites.

  2. Coding Style

    Last year, I wrote an article on Coding Standards. That is all very well with your own work, but what happens when you are using code from another programmer who uses a different style from your own? The answer is phpCodeBeautifier. Although this is an old (2003) app, I have found it useful at least […]

  3. File_Archive

    I arrived back from Toronto yesterday, although I was too tired to do anything despite getting home at about 10am! But I’m now ready to continue posting regularly. I am getting ready to release a major new version (1.2) of one of my products. One of the features of this allows you to automatically generate […]

  4. Savant Template Engine

    When we (as in my business partner and I) started developing the third version of our open source program (our first ever ‘commercial’ product), Olate Download, we had to decide how we were going to handle templates to allow the user to customise their site. At the time, the options available to us were to […]

  5. AJAX and PHP

    I was excited to read the AJAX: Usable Interactivity with Remote Scripting article by Cameron Adams in the hope of finding out out a lot more about AJAX, particularly how to actually use it! The article is very good, but is written as a usability guide rather than a technical howto about how to use […]

  6. PHPScript

    Whilst I was doing some research for my PDO entry on Wez Furlong’s website, I found out about PHPScript: PHPScript is PHP’s own ActiveScript interface. In practical terms, this means that you can use PHP from within any application that can host ActiveScript engines. This is something I’d not heard of before – has anyone […]

  7. Introduction to PHP 5 PDO

    Hi! I’m David Mytton the new SitePoint PHP Blogger and I am going to be writing for this blog for at least the next 3 months. I am going to try and focus on technical posts to provide some useful code and information about new (and old) features in PHP, so hopefully it will be […]

  8. Interview – Zack Urlocker of MySQL

    MySQL is the database solution of choice for countless sites around the world. How did MySQL get so big? Who’s behind it? How is the product developed? And what’s in store for future releases? Zack Urlocker, Vice President for Marketing at MySQL, reveals all in this detailed interview…

  9. Why You Need Coding Standards

    Who needs coding standards? You do! Sure, your own personal style is fine if you work alone, but if you’re part of a team, or want to understand your code when you return to it in a year’s time, you’ll need to adopt coding standards. David explains why and how to develop standard coding practice for your projects.

  10. Interview – Robert Castley of Mambo Open Source

    Mambo is just one of countless open source CMS products on the market… So, what makes it an award winning piece of software? David chats with the Mambo project’s manager, Robert Castley, about past development, features, and plans for the future.

  11. Review – vBulletin 3.0

    After talking with the product’s creator, David takes vB3.0 for a spin and finds it has some great benefits … and a few pitfalls. Is it worth the money? Will David become a vBulletin convert? Read on to find out!

  12. Interview – Kier Darby of vBulletin

    Since late 2002, when he took over the leading role from John Percival, Kier Darby has been working hard to improve on the already-lauded vBulletin. Here, he talks to David about the past, the future, and what vB3.0 Gold holds!

  13. Forum Software Roundup

    A forum could be a pivotal feature of your site — don’t just choose the first bulletin board software that comes along! Here, David reviews the key players in the forums software field to help you decide which suits you…

  14. Interview – John Cox of Xaraya

    What is Xaraya? What does it have in common with PostNuke, and how does it differ? David asks these questions and more in this detailed interview with John Cox, head of the team’s Project Management Committee.

  15. Which Web Hosts Are Worth It?

    On the hunt for hosting? David’s survey is a great place to start! He emailed 39 hosts with a few simple questions, and the responses are certainly interesting. See how they stack up!