1. It’s That Time Again

    When I first launched Outlook this morning I was greeted with a reminder that I’d just as soon forget – tax time is coming. Because I deal with so many new/growing web development groups in my consulting practice, I spend lots of time talking about taxes, tax reduction, corporate entities, and bookkeeping. I’ve come to […]

  2. 2007: Beginning with the End in Mind

    With just one week of vacation remaining, I’m beginning to consider both my personal and business objectives for 2007. The beginning of a new year is, of course, a great time to look at last year’s progress and make a short list of objectives for the coming year. It’s important that such a list be […]

  3. Unexpectedly Handy

    Over the last few months I’ve received a surprising number of requests that involve integrations with Paypal, especially integrations between Joomla/Virtuemart and Paypal. For the most part, Paypal integrations tend to be fairly easy to configure. The fraud department at Paypal, however, recently made our lives more difficult by tightening up the fraud prevention rules […]

  4. Publishing for Success

    This week I’m happy to announce the publication my first e-book, “Outsourcing Web Projects: 6 Steps to a Smarter Business“, now available here at SitePoint. The book provides a winning strategy for anyone who needs to outsource web development work to a domestic or offshore provider, and provides all sorts of tips to help the […]

  5. Pop Goes The Client

    For the last month or so, I’ve been working with two particularly great prospects from our sales pipeline. Both potential clients are right in our target market and need substantial amounts of lucrative services, so we’ve been motivated to get them signed. We had the usual exchange of e-mails, phone calls, and questions with both […]

  6. Handling a Resource Crunch: A Lesson Learned the Hard Way

    The first Friday of every month is always an interesting day for me. I review all of the timesheets and invoices for the previous month, approve the payroll, initiate wire transfers to pay offshore vendors, and get a clear view of how business went during the previous month. I’ll also see how things are shaping […]

  7. Managing Client Expectations: User Acceptance Documentation

    A common question on Sitepoint’s Business & Legal forum is, “I’ve delivered what I promised but my client keeps asking for small tweaks, support, and advice. How do I determine when a project is over, and how do I communicate this to my client?” Most web developers have experienced the ‘never-ending project’ and can sympathize […]

  8. The Art of Giving

    One of the things I find interesting about my business model is that I get to see how other web development companies operate behind the scenes. When it comes to charitable giving, I’ve noticed a clear pattern – most freelancers or small web shops make a donation to charity when tax time comes around (at […]

  9. True Business Success: Giving More Than Just Thanks

    This week, many of our US-based readers celebrated Thanksgiving with their family and friends. Thanksgiving is a time to appreciate and be thankful for what we have, and of course to indulge in the obligatory turkey and stuffing dinner. As web professionals, we certainly have much to be thankful about these days. The roller coaster […]