1. Clean your sessions

    By default, Rails doesn’t nuke expired sessions from your app’s storage of choice (either PStores/files or rows in a database table, usually). On my personal site, there’s just under a million entries in the session table alone – somewhat of a waste as it keeps building over time. To counter this, you can implement this […]

  2. Rails 1.1!

    The final build of 1.1 is now out in the wild – go team! With over 500 changes, you’ll want to take this bad boy home to Mother. No, really. What’s new? See the official weblog for the whole skinny: Rails Weblog: Rails 1.1 Upgrading is a fairly simple, two-step approach (the first updates Rails […]

  3. Welcome!

    This is the first post to the Ruby on Rails weblog here on SitePoint, so I thought I’d take the time to introduce myself. I’m Daniel, aka ‘waferbaby’, author of the recent Getting On Track with Ruby on Rails article. I’ve been in this web gig for over a decade now, and it still manages […]

  4. Get On Track with Ruby on Rails

    Ruby? Rails? Ajax? Is this cluster of confusing buzzwords swarming around your head like a mob of angry bees? Then fear not, gentle padawan — Jedi help is at hand! For I, too, was just like you once: confused, jumping at shadows, sinking into the depths of yet another custom Python web framework while softly weeping behind a stack of dog-eared PHP books. But not anymore. Today I build my applications in Ruby on Rails.