Clayton Wood is passionate about communicating the impact that technology has in online marketing. He is the marketing director of and managing partner of numerous successful online brands that offer white label SEO and other online marketing services.

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  1. 5 Things Every Software Developer Should Know About SEO

    When you’re first trying to understand how search engine optimization works, it’s tough to know where to start. And just when you think you “know” something, Google releases another algorithm update that changes things on you.

    It’s a lot to digest.

    But if you’re a web developer, there’s good news: Understanding some basics will go a long way to helping you code pages that will perform well when Google crawls them.

    Here are five tips to keep in mind as you’re working on your website.

    1. Understand the Search Process

    The first thing a web developer needs to keep in mind is the relationship between websites and search engines.

    Most people think of the Internet as a bridge that users walk across to get to their destinations.

    In fact, it’s more like a restaurant without a menu. When a user conducts a search, he writes his order and gives it to the waiter (the search engine). The waiter then looks for the chef (or web page) best suited to complete the order.

    This is what happens every time a user conducts a search. The engine goes back and forth between the user and the page. There’s no solid connection between the two, just constant exchanges.

    The developer’s job is to do everything possible to make sure the search engine is able to accurately assess whether the page will fulfill the user’s request.