A degree in Fine Art is a strange entrance to a career with a passion for programming, but that's where Craig started. A right-brain approach to code and problem solving has seen him plying his craft for many of the big names of the web - AOL, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Ziff-Davis, and now Atlassian.

Craig's articles

  1. The FontFace jQuery Plugin

    Craig looks at the amount of code required to implement a truly cross-browser @font-face solution, and decides to make life a bit easier with a jQuery plugin.

  2. Make Your Own Custom jQuery Selector

    jQuery’s CSS-like selector engine is often what excites designers most when they’re first exposed to the library, but did you know you can write your own custom selectors? Craig shows us the way.

  3. Star Rating Control with jQuery

    Our newly released book, jQuery: Novice to Ninja, contains a wealth of great ready-to-use solutions, and teaches you both the basic and more advanced concepts of jQuery as you progress. As a taster, here’s an excerpt from Chapter 7 wherein Craig Sharkie shows us how to build a robust, sophisticated star rating widget using jQuery. It’s keyboard-accessible, and allows for half-star ratings.