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  1. Back to Basics: Array Extras

    Arrays are a fundamental data structure in many programming languages, and JavaScript is no exception. To abstract away many of the details of working with arrays, JavaScript provides a collection of functions known as array extras. This article describes the various array extras and their uses.

  2. Fun with JavaScript Numbers

    Data types are an essential component of every programming language, and numbers are perhaps the most important of all data types. After all, computers are really just expensive calculators. Like any worthwhile programming language, JavaScript supports numerical data. However, like many other aspects of JavaScript, numbers have several intricacies which can bite you if you’re […]

  3. Back to Basics: JavaScript Hoisting

    Variable declarations are one of the most basic aspects of any programming language. However, JavaScript has a little quirk, known as hoisting, which can turn an innocent looking declaration into a subtle bug. This article explains what hoisting is, and how you can avoid being burned by it.

  4. Introducing the Geeksphone by Mozilla

    Mozilla has been hard at work on their new operating system, Firefox OS. This week they took another step towards legitimacy with the announcement of developer preview devices – known as the Geeksphone. This article introduces Firefox OS and the Geeksphone to the JSPro audience.

  5. The Return of the jQuery Plugin Registry

    For all of you jQuery plugin developers out there, we have some exciting news to announce. The new jQuery Plugin Registry site recently went live. This new site replaces the old plugin registry, and will “put an emphasis on remedying a number of the issues” that plagued the old site. The site has a very […]

  6. JavaScript and the Wii U Browser

    With all the talk of desktop, tablet, and mobile, there is another type of browser which tends to slip through the cracks – console browsers. In late 2012, Nintendo released it’s Wii U console, an eighth generation console which introduces a GamePad that features a second screen experience. The Wii U also features a NetFront […]

  7. Back to Basics: JavaScript Object Syntax

    Objects are a cornerstone of the JavaScript language. Many built in data types such as errors, regular expressions, and functions are represented as objects in JavaScript. In order to be a successful JavaScript developer, you must have a firm grasp on how objects work. This article will teach you the basics of creating and manipulating […]

  8. Implementing Push Technology Using Server-Sent Events

    Making Ajax calls using the XmlHttpRequest object is a well established technique for generating dynamic server requests. However, Ajax does not allow the server to directly initiate data transfers to the client – a technique referred to as push technology. That’s where the server-sent events API comes into the picture. Specializing in push technology, server-sent […]

  9. The Buzz About the Vibration API

    As the mobile Web continues to grow, APIs are being designed which specifically target mobile devices. A prime example is the W3C’s Vibration API, which gives developers access to a device’s vibration hardware. This has obvious implications for games, as it can provide a more immersive experience. This article will teach you how to add […]

  10. The Basics of jQuery

    When it comes to client side libraries, jQuery clearly takes the cake. Recent research indicates that jQuery is used on half of all Web sites. There is a good explanation for jQuery’s popularity – it’s extremely simple to use. This article introduces the key concepts behind jQuery, and will get the absolute beginner up and […]