Chris White is a system admin for a Malibu based test preparation company. He lives in sunny Ventura, CA and trains for marathons and studies Japanese in his spare time.


  1. Mastering the UNIX Command Line: A Beginner’s Guide

    Do you ever wonder where your web creation went when it grew up and moved out of home? In the first part of our series on UNIX operating systems, Chris reveals some of the mysteries of how it all works — you owe it to your web site to know this stuff!

  2. 10 Years On: SitePoint’s Co-founder Spills the Beans

    10 years ago, an enthusiastic Aussie entrepreneur and a young Canadian webmaster got together to launch the site that would become In this revealing interview, SitePoint’s Co-founder Mark Harbottle reflects on the highlights since those early days, and hypothesizes on what the future holds.

  3. Enter the Dragon: Develop ColdFusion Apps for Free

    ColdFusion development doesn’t have to be costly! In this beginner’s article, Chris introduces BlueDragon, a free tool for creating ColdFusion web applications. You’ll learn to install BlueDragon and use it to create your very first ColdFusion application.