Chris Gatewood is a lawyer based in Virginia with the firm of Hirschler Fleischer P.C. Chris works on intellectual property and business matters for software companies, web developers, and other clients. His commentary here provides general information on legal topics of interest to the web development and design community, but it is not legal advice.


  1. 7 Great Rip-offs – and How to Avoid Them!

    Making sure you’re properly paid for your work is one of the biggest challenges for a web freelancer or small business owner. In this article, Chris describes seven danger zones where you could potentially lose money, and explains how to avoid doing so.

  2. Good Riddance to Deadbeat Clients

    Legal eagle, Chris Gatewood explains how to eliminate your working life of bad payers. He provides a six-step checklist when devising a standard service agreement, plus some extra tips for countering any objections. Now you can clear your client list of deadbeat debtors forever!

  3. Fake User Profiles: Free Speech or Defamation?

    How closely are you monitoring the user-generated content being published on your portfolio of sites? In this article, Chris explores the ramifications of hosting content that is defamatory, and how to avoid paying a price for the right to do so.