Chris works as a Web Developer for a Scottish based web design firm, and is a partner at NMC Group, Inc.. His pride and joy, apart from his fiancee, is his e4ums site, which offers free ASP applications.


  1. Caching Dynamic Pages with ASP.NET

    Once, caching dynamic pages was tricky, to say the least. But, as Chris reveals, it’s a cinch with .NET – and by the end of his tutorial, you’ll be caching dynamic pages like a pro!

  2. .NET Web Services Made Easy

    If Web Services have had you baffled before, then this tutorial’s for you! Chris shows step-by-step how to build and utilize your own interactive Web Service.

  3. Essential ASP Hints and Tips

    Each ASP coder has their particular way of doing things. Here Chris — and others — reveal their own hints, tips, and handy techniques for everything from checking database connections, to returning text dates!

  4. Gathering Data Made Easy

    Building a database? You’d better get to know your data! Chris explains the importance of the client interview to gathering data and developing a database schema. A must-read!