1. Spammers in a Cut-throat Industry.

    It’s not that easy being a website publisher. One of my newest sites is 4 Laser Hair Removal. I spent roughly $2000 launching this site. The content is 100% unique, I want to turn this site into the defacto resource for laser hair removal information on the Internet. What do I get out of this? […]

  2. Profiting Without Frequently Updated Content

    Someone asked me today if I thought it was possible to run a successful website that does not get updated frequently. My answer: absolutely! There are many types of content sites out there, discounting blogs and forums the two most common types are what I call web magazines, or ezines, and reference or resource sites. […]

  3. Amazon-Sense?

    Amazon is apparently looking into the feasibility of starting their own ad network like Adsense. They’ve been contacting select members of their associates programs, including myself, asking if we’d like to be beta testers. The way they want the beta test to work is to give you a special code for Amazon’s Keywords Recommends banners […]

  4. A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned

    The biggest weapon in the small publisher’s arsenal is flexibility. A small publisher has the flexibility to adapt more quickly to changing business environments, and to find clever economical ways to get things done. In short, you can take risks. There is this discussion going on in the forums right now about how much money […]

  5. Why I Love Interstitials

    Interstitials are a rich-media form of advertisement, that, in my opinion, is as close to TV commercials as web advertising has gotten. Interstitials are not banners, they are not popups, they are full page ads that load between page views on your site. Most interstitials display for 10 seconds or so before forwarding the user […]

  6. There’s Gold in Them Thar Forums

    User niche just started an interesting thread here about forums, and more specifically why you should want to run a forum. I happen to agree with just about everything he said. Forums are great to own. They do not bring in, in general, as much revenue as other types of content sites. The reason is […]

  7. Building a Forum with Bribes

    Getting a forum off the ground more than nearly anything else is one of the most time consuming things for a content site publisher to do. In some cases it takes years to get enough posts for the forum to truly become active. The issue is that if people have no threads to reply to […]

  8. Profit off a Single Word

    Many people when thinking of how to monetize a site stop their search at banner ads. They might have a banner at the top, a skyscraper at the right, and another banner at the bottom, and go to sleep at night thinking that they’re doing all that they can to profit off their website. In […]

  9. How to Choose a Product for eCommerce

    Often the choice of what product to sell is made for you. For instance if you were following the advice I posted here you’d have to choose a product related to your existing site. Also sometimes you have a hookup with a wholesaler or manufacturer that’s just too good to ignore. However, assuming neither of […]

  10. One Site or Many?

    I often get asked if I would rather have one large site or many smaller sites. Anyone who is familiar with my business knows that I have many sites, over 100 probably, and many of them are small. However, ideally I’d like to combine the best of both worlds and have many large sites. If […]