Brett Romero is a software developer versed in .NET, PHP, Python, and iOS to name a few. He builds desktop, web and mobile applications. As well, he knows Illustrator and Photoshop backwards and forward. His design skills aren't too shabby either. Brett also founded Bitesize Business School, which helps entrepreneurs develop needed technical skills for running an online business while also teaching them invaluable business skills. His undergraduate degree is in business administration and he also has an MBA from Arizona State University. In between degrees, he studied mathematics at the University of Washington; mathematics was his undergrad major.

Brett's articles

  1. Using Python Templates with Jinja and Google App Engine

    Templating is an extremely useful technique when it comes to code reuse. Templates allow you to update only areas that change, preventing duplication of static areas. For example, navigations and footers rarely change. These two areas might be contained in a parent template while the middle of the page, where content changes often, switches out child templates.

    Most Python developers like myself are familiar with Django and its ability to use templating. But when all you want is templating functionality, there’s no reason to install full blown framework. This is where Jinja comes in. Being very small, it’s simple to install and configure. Best of all, if you know how to use templating in Django, you’ll understand templating in Jinja.

    In this screencast, I’ll demonstrate how to use Jinja templating along with the Google App Engine.

  2. How to Create Responsive Tables in Foundation

    The ‘HTML table layout’ debate ended years ago, but sometimes I feel like tables never fully recovered. People seem to feel slightly uneasy or guilty using them – even when it’s for entirely the right reasons. Here’s a look at bringing tables right into the responsive design era, by showing you how to make them […]