Bernard Peh is the lead developer for He loves philosophy and is always passionate about new technologies. During his free time, he surfs the web to look for new website ideas. He also maintains his own open source blog.

Bernard's articles

  1. Video: How to Host Multiple Sites in WordPress 3.0

    WordPress 3.0 includes the functionality that was previously found in WordPress MU: you can now host multiple sites from within a single WordPress installation. In this video tutorial, Bernard walks you through the steps required to set this up.

  2. CSS Quiz Review: The iPhone Challenge, a Collapsible Multi-column Layout

    A regular feature on the SitePoint CSS forum is Paul O’Brien’s CSS quiz, where he invites readers to solve a tricky CSS problem. Recently, one of his challenges was to create a three-column, source-ordered layout that would collapse to a single column when viewed in a window around 320 pixels wide. We thought it was a really interesting problem, so we invited him to write up the solution.

  3. How To Create A Modern Press Release

    The Internet landscape has changed over the past few years, and the rules of online marketing have changed with it. In this excerpt from his latest book, Brandon spells out how to create and distribute an effective press release.

  4. Track Your Rank Using the Google API

    Tracking your site’s search ranking can be a real pain … unless you have Bernard’s script, which uses the Google API to track your rank quickly and effortlessly. Here he explains, step by step, how to implement the code that will save you hours and keep you informed of your site’s Google rank.