Amanda Steigerwalt is a twenty-something software engineer living in Mountain View, CA. Her passion for web development began at a young age and so far has served her well in life. When she's not at work coding, she can often be found at home coding her own personal projects. Amanda also enjoys motorcycles, circus arts, and exploring Mountain View. One day she really, really hopes to get a puppy.

Amanda's articles

  1. Type Hinting in PHP

    Since PHP 5 you can use type hinting to specify the expected data type of an argument in a function declaration. Learn more about type hinting (and it’s limitations) in this article.

  2. PHPMaster: Using the Ternary Operator

    You’re probably already familiar with PHP’s if statement. It’s very similar to its counterparts in many other programming languages and represents one of the most fundamental concepts in programming. The if statement is easy to understand and easy to master.

  3. Using the PHP Ternary Operator

    The ternary operator offers an abbreviated notation for writing conditional statements. It takes little effort to master can increase the readability of your code if used properly. In this article, Amanda shows you what the operator looks like, how to use it, and most importantly how to avoid abusing it.