Aaron Saray is a PHP Web Developer based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. The author and technical editor of multiple PHP and Web Technology books, organizer of the Milwaukee PHP Users Group, and overall good guy, Aaron continually shares his knowledge, tips and tricks, and leadership skills through his blog.

Aaron's articles

  1. Debugging PHP Code with FirePHP

    FirePHP can play an important role with debugging and application-level logging. FirePHP is a PHP library which enables you to generate browser console messages from your PHP code. Learn how to you can send log messages to keep debugging information accessible to developers but out-of-sight from your visitors.

  2. Giving Your First PHP Presentation

    It’s public speaking time and you’re the next one up! In this article you’ll learn why presenting PHP can be beneficial, who can present about PHP related topics (hint: it’s not just the experts!), and what you can do to make your presentation stand out when you finally decide to present.