Aaron was formerly the Managing Editor for SitePoint Online.

Aaron's articles

  1. Amazon DynamoDB

    Amazon DynamoDB was recently released as a high-performance, easily scalable, SQL alternative. Today we have a presentation on building apps with it!

  2. Fake S3 – Save time, money, and develop offline

    Amazon S3 is a extremely powerful service at the core of Amazon Web Services. However, outside of a production environment, S3 can be challenging to work with. It involves passing keys around, provisioning user accounts, and a reliable network connection — not to mention it costs money. At Spool, we built Fake S3 to make […]

  3. A Year in Cloud Innovation

    2011 State of the Cloud: A Year's Worth of Innovation in 30 Minutes – Jinesh Varia UP Con Keynote View more presentations from Amazon Web Services Sunrise image via Shutterstock

  4. RubySource: Looking for Talent

    RubySource is always looking for awesome talent to share their knowledge. If there’s a technique, tip, or approach you’d like to share, you should definitely get in touch. We’re currently looking for Rubyists that are motivated to share their knowledge with the community. RubySource accepts articles on all things Ruby, from Rails to Sinatra and […]