Andy is an independent Java and Coldfusion programmer who lives in Perth, Western Australia. He is also a Macromedia Certified Instructor for Desktop Applications, one of Perth's largest providers of Macromedia-based training.

Andy's articles

  1. The Java Regex API Explained

    It was a long time coming, but the java.util.regex package was a significant, useful addition to Java 1.4. Take Andy’s tour of the package and see for yourself why regex is such a boon for developers who work with text-based content.

  2. Introducing Java 5

    Java 5 marks a major step forward for this capable technology. There’s a lot to take in, so don’t go it alone! Andy’s done the legwork for you in this handy introduction, which steps through all the new functionality in theory – and in practice!

  3. JSP 2.0 Simple Tags Explained

    JSP 2.0′s simple tag handlers let you create custom tags that out-perform tag file-based solutions, and are far easier to write than tags based on the previous custom tag API. Andy explains how simple tag handlers work, and what they can do for you, in this detailed tutorial.

  4. IT Certification: The Perks And Pitfalls

    As the job market becomes more competitive, you may consider official qualifications. But, beware! IT certification isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Andy helps prepare you for the realities of further education with this detailed discussion of the facts.