Trainer, mentor, developer, blogger, and presenter, Andrew Muller has been involved with Rich Internet Applications in Australia since 2002. He's also a certified Adobe instructor for Flex, AIR, ColdFusion, Flash, and Connect, and an Ambassador and Community Expert for Adobe.

Andrew's articles

  1. Share Media on Twitter Using Flex, Part III: Video

    In parts I and II, Andrew showed us how to build a slick-looking Flash frontend for Twitter and Flickr using the beta versions of Flash Catalyst and Flash Builder 4. In this final installment in the series he takes our application a step further by adding video functionality: allowing users to upload videos, and to take screenshots of their videos to post as images.

  2. Share Media on Twitter Using Flex, Part II: Images

    In his previous article, Andrew created a simple Twitter application using Adobe Flex. In this article he enhances that Flex application by adding the ability to upload photographs to the popular Flickr image hosting service, and then use to integrate a shortened link to the photo in a tweet.

  3. Flash Catalyst: Mockup to Masterpiece, Part I

    Flash Catalyst is an amazing new tool from Adobe that reinvents the process of building Rich Internet Applications. In this tutorial, the first of two parts, Andrew demonstrates building a nifty music library app using Flash Catalyst, Flash Builder, and, well, very little code at all.

  4. What’s New and Cool in Flex 4?

    Flex 4, codenamed Gumbo, is the latest version of Adobe’s popular Rich Internet Application (RIA) framework, and developers can now get their hands on the beta! Andrew Muller offers us a taste of what’s new in Flex 4.

  5. Building RIAs with the Adobe Flash Platform

    In this article, Andrew explains some of the technologies that make up the Flash Platform, and how you can use them to build RIAs. The first 200 people to complete the quiz at the end will receive a free book!