Andrew Markham is a senior developer and iOS specialist at Wave Digital, one of Australia's leading mobile web developers. Despite his enthusiasm for iPhone apps, he's a keen advocate of the potential of all mobile web forms.

Andrew's articles

  1. Geolocation in the Browser

    With the rise of HTML5 comes the Geolocation API and with widespread support in modern browsers the opportunity for location aware mobile web apps and sites is here and now. Andrew Markham explains the API in detail, how to use it, and provides a practical example using the Google Maps API. Hey, you crazy geolocation cats, where’s it at?

  2. iPhone Basics: Memory Management

    Whether you intend building for iPhone or iPad, it’s important for iOS developers to know how to allocate and release objects correctly. Andrew Markham teaches us the basics, and in this technical article presents a simple an unambiguous approach to avoiding the majority of memory management problems. Grab a cup of cocoa, read on.

  3. iPhone Basics: Memory Management

    Do you want to get started on iPhone development? One of the first things you will stumble upon is memory management. But don’t worry, Andrew explains why it is necessary and how to allocate and release objects correctly.