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  1. Steps For Moving Your Business Into The Cloud

    We’ve all seen the commercials and magazine ads: move your business to the cloud! Share important documents, files and presentations; use advanced technologies to increase productivity. It all seems so easy and so rewarding. However, people unfamiliar with the cloud might find that making the move is a bit more complicated than advertisers put on. […]

  2. Is Cloud Computing The Right Choice For Your Company?

    It’s hard to enter into any elevator or read any tech journal without coming across some mention of cloud computing. While 16% of businesses were early adopters of cloud technology, it’s estimated that 35% of executives will transform their business models to include cloud computing by 2015, according to IBM research. What IS Cloud Computing? […]

  3. Twelve Terrific Typographic Logos

    The use of typographic logos is becoming a very popular concept, because it gives designers the flexibility to be creative without overcompensating with ostentatious graphics and loud colors. Typographic designs are generally creative and interesting manipulations of letters and numbers in different fonts. Some of them are funny, some of them are conceptual, and others […]

  4. 10 Recommended Cloud Management Tools

    Cloud management is becoming a popular concept and as such there are many vendors who offer a complete set of cloud services with the use of cloud computing technology. An umbrella is usually created to cover the management of data centers for multiple locations, computing and scalability, applications for security and monitoring among other things. […]