Amit completed a Master of Computer Applications (MCA) and is currently working as a Senior Research Fellow where his job responsibility includes Website Development and Software Development. He has successfully delivered various assignments while working as a Freelancer Technical Writer and Programmer.

Amit's articles

  1. Google I/O 2014 Roundup

    Google I/O 2014 has wrapped up, what do the latest round of announcements mean for developers?

    We take a quick look at the latest news in Android L, Android TV, Android Auto, Play services and much more.

  2. Hands On with the Android Wear Developer SDK

    Google recently announced the Android Wear Developer Preview. It is designed for creating wearable experiences for existing Android apps that may appear on forthcoming square and round Android wearables, like watches. You can customize and extend notifications using Android Wear APIs. It creates a standard user experience for wearable devices connected to Android powered smartphones. […]

  3. How Many of Your Users Need Accessible Websites?

    The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) came into existence in order to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with disabilities. If the Web is accessible, many people with disabilities can communicate and interact with content much more easily.

    In this article I will list some statistics released by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other known sources. I hope this post will help to create awareness on the importance of creating content for those using assistive technology, including blind as well as hearing impaired people.

  4. 15 Useful and Lesser-Known Firefox Add-ons

    We all know that developer tools can make our work easier. Most of us are probably already familiar with add-ons and extensions like Firebug, Web Developer, ColorZilla, and more. In this post, I’ll present you with some other add-ons that you may not have tried yet. I hope you’ll find some of these useful when […]

  5. Java Applets: Obsolete or Still Part of the Web?

    This article is a follow-up to Embedding an Applet in a Web Application. In this article, I will list some topics related to java and Java Applets that will give strong points about their use with proper resources. Some other related content for Java Applets will also be discussed here. Java is considered as a […]

  6. Embedding an Applet in a Web Application

    An applet is a small task-focused application that runs within a larger application or program. On the web, applets are often written in Java and inserted into webpages to provide some specific functionality. This tutorial guides you to develop a Java Applet and embed that applet in a Web Application to make it visible on […]