Aaron Brazell is the senior technology manager for b5media, a new media network. He is a well known and respected voice in the world of blogging and social media and has a passion for written communication. He has been developing in PHP for six years and has been actively involved with WordPress for nearly three years. He writes on his blog, Technosailor and is available for WordPress consulting

Aaron's articles

  1. The Blogger’s Primer

    Blogs: you read ‘em, you love ‘em, you want one of your own! Now’s your chance to splash into the blogosphere, thanks to Aaron’s handy primer. His tutorial has the essential ingredients you’ll need to establish and run your own successful blog!

  2. Introducing Cron

    PHP is a versatile language that’s easy to integrate with other tools. Aaron illustrates one such application in this quick-and-dirty introduction to Cron.

  3. Secure Your Linux Server

    The Linux operating system is one of the most stable and diverse available. In his beginners’ guide, Aaron takes us through the key steps involved in securing your Linux server.

  4. The Forum Moderator’s Guide To Life – Parts 1 and 2

    Moderators are critical to your online community’s success. But being a moderator is more about leadership and responsibility than fancy titles and special privileges. Aaron explains what it takes to be – and raise – a forum moderator, in this detailed how-to.

  5. Interview – Kevin Yank of SitePoint.com

    He writes books, codes software, and still finds the time to hang out in the SitePoint Forums. Kevin Yank *appears* to have super-human powers, but Aaron seeks the truth in this revealing interview…