Mathew Patterson looks after Campaign Monitor's customers and recently wrote "Create Stunning HTML Email" for Sitepoint. He's also involved in the Email Standards Project and can be found at

Mathew's articles

  1. 10 Popular Layouts for HTML Email

    Even at a width of 600 pixels, there are plenty of ways to lay out HTML email content. How do designers usually approach an email layout? This post shows some the most popular block-level email layouts, as taken from a typical day of email campaigns sent through Campaign Monitor.

  2. 15 Gorgeous and Effective HTML Emails

    As designers, we often think of HTML email as a dark, scary realm filled with ugly designs. But it doesn’t have to be that way. In this excerpt from SitePoint’s Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works!, Mathew shows us some stunning examples of beautiful HTML email design to serve as inspiration.

  3. The Principles of HTML Email Design

    Even though HTML emails are made up of the same HTML markup and CSS styles as web pages, they present an entirely different set of design challenges. In this article, Mat Patterson, author of SitePoint’s Create Stunning HTML Email That Just Works, explains the email design environment and gives you practical advice to make your next email campaign a success.

  4. The Principles of Beautiful HTML Email

    Your web pages look stunning — why should your email newsletters be any different? In this article, Mathew showcases the best email newsletter designs, and breaks down the design process so that you can begin creating newsletters that are both beautiful and effective.