We have collected another set of 10 NEW Random jQuery Plugins we thought we would share for the month of September 2013. There are some good ones here look out for 1. Rainy Day and 3. Flow Type. Check it out! ;)

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1. rainyday.js

A simple script for simulating raindrops falling on a glass surface.


2. pace.js

Automatic page load progress bar.

Source + Demo

3. FlowType.JS

Web typography at its finest: font-size and line-height based on element width.

Source + Demo

4. Ladda

Buttons with built-in loading indicators, effectively bridging the gap between action and feedback.


5. slugg

Make strings url-safe.


6. SmoothDivScroll

A jQuery plugin that scrolls content horizontally left or right.


7. Keypress

It is an input capture library with some very special features, it is easy to pick up and use, has a reasonable footprint (~9kb), and has no dependencies.

Source + Demo

8. TogetherJS

A free, open source JavaScript library by Mozilla that adds collaboration features and tools to your website.

Source + Demo

9. Looper.JS

An intuitive, lightweight carousel solution. No coding required.


10. Drawingboard.JS

A canvas based drawing app that you can integrate easily on your website.

Source + Demo

Sam Deering is a Front-end Web Developer who specialises in JavaScript & jQuery. Sam is driven and passionate about sharing his knowledge to educate others.

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