10 jQuery Hyperlink Plugins to help you manage your in-page links in style! Check out below our simple and yet coolest tutorials in Hypelink-ing. Enjoy!

1. jquery-clickablecontainer

Simple jQuery plugin that makes the container of a hyperlink clickable. This plugin also displays the URL in the statusbar of the browser.

2. µllinx (mullinx)

A super simple, unobtrusive widget and jQuery plugin used to transform normal hyperlinks into multidirectional hyperlinks through the flexibility of jQuery’s selector.

3. jQuery Broken Link Checker Plugin: jsLink

Helps you automatically check the broken links with just one click. jsLink is a broken links checker plugin, that can be easily plugin with in any web page.

4. jQuery Link Manager Plugin

This jQuery plugin manages the opening of links in new windows (or any other possible value of the anchor target attribute) removing the need for the target attribute (e.g. target=”_blank” for opening in a new window) which is deprecated in XHTML strict standards.

5. jQuery Mailto Links Plugin: Version 1.1

This one includes in the fol­low­ing updates:
> REGEX replace­ment
> Updated sta­tus message
> Sim­pli­fied usage using a class rather than the rel attribute to tar­get mailto: links.
> Leaner code

6. highlight: JavaScript text higlighting jQuery plugin

Text higlighting is part of DynaCloud – where tags/keywords are automatically highlighted once they’re clicked – so I took that code and made it a stand-alone JavaScript text highlighting jQuery plugin.

7. jQuery Spoilers Plugin

Spoilers is a jQuery plugin which implements a feature first seen on the imdb.com web site.

8. Biggerlink – jQuery plugin

A jQuery plugin to make it really easy to enable the specified element/s to behave as a proxy for their first contained link.

9. TipTip Jquery – Change Default Hyperlink’s Title Style

This plugin will change the default title attribute style become interest one. Don’t worry, this plugin is containing no images, it’s all using CSS, so it will load lightly. But, this plugin will not work in IE that we know doesn’t support CSS3.

10. jQuery Link Nudge Plugin

Learn how to link-nudge using jQuery.

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Sam Deering is a Front-end Web Developer who specialises in JavaScript & jQuery. Sam is driven and passionate about sharing his knowledge to educate others.

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