10 Fresh and Functional jQuery Plugins

Sam Deering
10 Fresh and Functional jQuery Plugins to wet your daily appetite! Most of us have seen useful and functional jQuery plugins which are developed for visual/dynamic websites effects. So, we regularly look around for new jQuery plugins in 2011 and collect them to share with you so it was time for another roundup. Check out our 10 Fresh and Functional jQuery plugins.

1. ImageMapster – HTML Image Map Enhancer

Provides a broad range of enhancements to HTML image maps. Highly configurable effects for mouseover highlighting and area selection/deselection, including the use of alternate images for selection state. Also includes tooltips, and full API support for binding external events to the map/menu state.

2. Hycus Textarea

This is a simple plugin which make the textarea to grow automatically as the user types in the textarea. This also makes the textarea to be resizable (as in drupal textarea)

3. fLoadingSite 0.2 Jquery Plugin

This simple jquery plugin loads your content without refreshing the page. Also makes references to URL so pages can be bookmarked. All these with a nice sliding effect.

4. Cloud Zoom Touch

A free jQuery image zoom plugin, a comparable alternative to products such as Magic Zoom. It supports touches devices like iPad and android systems.

5. Media Preview

This plugin allow you to preview images and flash files (flv and swf) by hovering over the thumbnails. This allows your users to view full images without clicking on the thumbnails of the images or flash files.

6. jQuery Lifestream

Show a stream of your online activity.

7. CharsLeftCounter

This plugin limits the text length of a textbox/textarea that can be entered and displays how many chars are left.

8. jQuery 360 Panorama Viewer ($5)

jQuery plugin for displaying and manipulating 360 degree panoramic images on your website.

9. jDropNavOne

This jQuery plugin make the navigation menu of your website slide up and down on the click of a button.

10. Visual LightBox JS-Mac Style Lightbox Html Slideshow

A free wizard program that helps you easily generate web photo galleries with a nice Lightbox-style overlay effect, in a few clicks without writing a single line of code.

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