By Alyssa Gregory

6 Essential Things To Do On Friday To Make Monday Morning Manageable

By Alyssa Gregory

calendarI don’t know about you, but since starting to work for myself years ago, I’ve completely gotten rid of that overwhelming feeling of dread that used to overtake me on Sunday nights. You know, the feeling that the end of your weekend reprieve was just a few short hours away and there would be no turning back for five whole days. It was awful!

Now, even with the Monday anxiety gone, there is certain level of craziness that comes with Monday morning as an entrepreneur. Even though I frequently work on the weekend, I typically don’t respond to e-mails or interface with clients on Saturday and Sunday, so Monday unavoidably brings with it a slew of messages to return, clients waiting for an update, subcontractors to check in with, and ongoing work to be completed.

Plus, there are always the normal distractions that can make it very difficult to zero in on the most important things on Mondays. This list of 6 Friday to-dos can help you effectively shut down for the week and get you ready to enter Monday on a much more even keel.


Wrap-Up the “Close-Outs”

While I wouldn’t recommend launching any big projects on a Friday, the end of the week is the perfect time to get closure on open projects that are essentially completed. Send out your final reports, ask for client feedback, file away the project documents, and do whatever else you need to do to clear the work from your slate.

Clean Up Your Computer

I may be alone in this, but I hate desktop icons. And of course, I download everything to my desktop. If I don’t stay on top of it, by the end of the week, I have a huge mess on my desktop to weed through. Friday can be the perfect time to delete the unneeded files and organize the valuable downloads, so you can clear your desktop and make room for the next week of incoming info.

Get a Handle on Your Inbox

Try to execute all of the action items sitting in your inbox on Friday. Many times, the pending e-mails you have waiting for your attention will take only a few minutes to act on. Then you can get them out of your way and off your mind for Monday.

Plan for the Following Week

You probably have a pretty lengthy list of projects and tasks in the works at any given time. It’s not realistic to plan to get everything done at once. Instead of rolling all of your tasks over to the next week, take time to plan and schedule your time so you can create a manageable work plan. This will also help you to create more focused and productive time when you return to the office after the weekend.

Make a List of the Biggest Priorities for Monday

Once you have your plan for the following week, separate out the most important things that need to be done on Monday. Then put the rest of the list away until those items are taken care of, or you reach the end of the day Monday. Then regroup and create a revised list for the next day.

Send Out Status Messages

Touch base with clients who may be waiting to hear back from you before you shut down on Friday. This quick status update, letting the client know where you are with the project and when they can expect to have more from you will alleviate some of the Monday morning pressure to bring everyone up to speed.

How do you wrap up your work week so Monday morning isn’t a total drain on you?

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  • emilien vuillaume

    Or make some Search&Development for your company ^^

  • Anonymous

    Great post! I’d also advise to tie up all lose ends as there is nothing worse than having an issue to face that wasn’t resolved the week before and has been brewing up.

  • Suze100

    Make sure all losse ends are tied up.

  • dashard

    One trick I use (addressing your Desktop clutter item) is to create an alias (on Mac, shortcut on PC) to my /tmp folder. All try-this-out type downloads are saved there. If they need to be kept beyond the next restart, I move them upon download to their destinations, but most of the times they’re items that can either be re-downloaded or items for which I do not need the zip file or disk image after installation or update or whatever.

    In this way, they reside in /tmp until restart, so they can be revisited if need be, after which they disappear. No cluttered desktop, no lost disk space, as it’s reclaimed automagically, and no manual upkeep of files at set intervals. Just addressing keepers in-the-moment (which should be done anyway.)

    Works for me.

  • Vantrix

    A simple principle for a enjoyable weekend and pleasant Monday- Try to finish all your work of the present week in the same week itself even if you have to spend extra hours. Just don’t leave anything pending for next week. Once you are done update everybody and then cut off your access to your mailbox.This will result in:

    1. A tension free and enjoyable weekend.

    2. Starting Monday on a cheerful and fresh note.

    -Anita CM

  • Martijn

    Allthough i dont work in web development, I really like to do just everything now. Even if this means working 16 hours one day, and be almost free the next day… I feel there is no sense in making people wait for things i have to do anyway (My work consists of alot for very smal projects, requiring feedback all the time).

    For me this allows me to give all my attention to the thing i am doing at the moment, becouse i know there are no loose ends to be tied up later.

  • Maan

    Its really great tips. And i think from now onwards my sundays will be more manageable :)

  • Thanks for the great advice.

    It also helps to get your planning aligned with your goals. Try a goal setting tool, such as GoalsOnTrack, a very nicely built web app designed for tracking goals and todo lists, and supports time tracking too. It’s clear, focused, easy to navigate.

  • Try downloading to your download folder instead. Makes more sense and helps keep you organized.

    Not that my desktop isn’t a little messy, but it’s much better than when I used to download to there.

  • ha, good advice (and I especially like the comment about /tmp) BUT none of this works when, like me, you work as part of a team and everyone else ‘clears their desk’ on Friday by sending stuff off to you – usually late, with a deadline looming.

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