Your SitePoint Account

SitePoint has a lot of stuff! So we’re making some changes to make everyone’s lives much easier.

We’re in the process of making some changes to the way accounts work on SitePoint. We’re working hard to consolidate accounts across the whole of SitePoint, including SitePoint Forums users, SitePoint Premium members and the community who participate in discussions on our posts.

Now you are able to comment on SitePoint articles, log-in to your SitePoint Premium account to enjoy free and Premium books and courses, and ask questions and help others on the SitePoint Forums, all with one SitePoint account.

Cool! What changes will I notice?

If you’re a paid-up Premium member then you’ll stop seeing external advertising on SitePoint.

If you’re a faithful SitePoint Forums user you’ll find that when moving around the rest of SitePoint you’ll be logged-in everywhere. Logging-out on from anywhere on SitePoint will log you out from all areas of the site.

Nice one, do I have to do anything now?

Nothing special! Just follow the login or signup flows and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you have any questions feel free to contact and we’ll get back to you!


The SitePoint Team