Nokia Windows Phone: Question 2

By Nick Randolph

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We’re running a challenge wherein you can Win a Nokia Windows Phone. The rules of said competition are detailed in the aforelinked post. There will be many more questions over the coming weeks, here is Question 2.

Question 2

With its release in late 2010 the Windows Phone SDK included a number of controls that are styled with the same Metro design language that’s used throughout the core platform. These include standard controls such as TextBlock, for rendering text, Image, for displaying graphics, and TextBox, for capturing text input. However, there were some omissions such as a control that allows the user to select date and/or time, and an equivalent to a dropdown selection box used in most desktop applications. Windows Phone has a clear set of controls that the core platform uses but most of these weren’t made available with the SDK. It wasn’t until the Windows Phone Silverlight Toolkit was release that some of these controls were made available. More recently an upgrade has been made available to this toolkit that includes a host of new controls.

Other than the controls that ship with the Windows Phone SDK, what controls do you use in your application, and how do they make your application rock?

  • Ryan Burnham

    It seems silly but NotificationBox. the WP& MessageBox is limited to OK and OK Cancel buttons. This allows custom buttons

  • Nick

    Ryan, nice one – Whilst I’m not sure of the styling on the NotificationBox it definitely solves the problem of the MessageBox not being more flexible. Do you know whether it can be styled? or is it limited to the style that it comes packaged with.

    • Ryan Burnham

      With some work it could be, The copy i downloaded, can’t remember exactly where, has the source and part of that source has a Generix theme ResourceDictionary

  • Jake Ginnivan

    LongListSelector, redesigned for Mango to take advantage of all the new list enhancements that came out in mango. Great for any sort of large list which needs good perf and even better for data that needs to be grouped.

  • luke lowrey

    I love the coding4fun toolkit, mainly for the popups and notifications. Toast notifications in app look super slick (great for achivements in games). Did a post a little while ago on the libraries I like to use:

  • Craig Naumann

    I’m using a Watermarked Textbox (looking at moving to the toolkit PhoneTextbox) to give a similar feel to the phone textbox controls with the title watermarked within.

    Plus, trivially, I’m also using a version of Jeff Wilcox’s HighlightingTextBlock to give highlighted search results like searching in the People hub.

  • Daniel Spruce

    I use a control by aldar IT called super ads. This allows you to have multiple ad providers and fall back when an ad isn’t served. When deploying you game to multiple countries the fill rate for various ads can vary enormously. This control can be re-styled and has minimal UI thread presence.

  • Jerry Nixon

    The control that really rocks, and is core, is the Bing Map control. Beauty.

  • Garth Bacon

    Just been looking at Calendar control on Codeplex : – I found this pretty useful. Also been looking at telerik control set and some of them look pretty cool.

  • Nick

    The competition is now closed for entries. The following entries have been recorded. If, for whatever reason, your entry is not in this list, please feel free to respond
    Ryan (2 entries as first answer)
    Jake Ginnivan
    Luke Lowrey
    Craig Naumann
    Daniel Spruce
    Garth Bacon

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