Illustrations: What HTTP Errors Look Like

By Josh Catone

These are actually a couple of years old, so avid users of Flickr may have already seen them. I just came across them for the first time last night, however, via a link on Hacker News and found them very amusing, so I thought I’d share. They make a nice, light Friday post.

The following are illustrations from cartoonist Adam Koford (who seems to spend most of his time now writing a comic strip about a pair of hobo LOLcats). They’re rather ingenious illustrations of HTTP errors. I’ve included a few of most clever below, but there are more at the original Flickr set (16 to be precise).

Which are your favorites? I rather like “400 Bad Request” (pictured at right) and “405 Method Not Allowed” (not pictured). Adam, if you’re reading: please make these available as a set of prints or postcards!

408 Request Timeout

413 Requested Entity Too Large

415 Unsupported Media Type

Remember to see all 16 illustrations at the original Flickr set. Then come back here to let us know which are your favorites.

  • faramarz

    LOL, very funny! good job. My favorite is 405:Method Not Allowed. Hilarious!!

  • 414 is my favorite, I think.

  • roosevelt

    415 is very funny!

  • orokusaki

    Best little funny bit I’ve seen in a while. Needs to get Digged.

  • Anonymous


  • BoltClock

    Absolutely classic stuff, but where’s 412 Precondition Failed?

  • Is the hotdog the equivalent of the Meatball Sunday? 415 Gets my vote. Is that an ABBA record? Digital Underground, perhaps?

  • SoLi

    LOL…415 had me rolling :D


    413 Requested Entity Too Large

    Great I liked this.

  • favoriteroll

    my favorite is 404-Not Found

  • has to be 400 – bad request

  • Lucycaty

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  • nobody

    415 lolz

  • saulyx

    415 looks good ;)

  • 415 loooolll

  • These are unique and funny. My favourites are 404, 406, and 408.

    I’ll need to see if I can get an illustrator to do some of these for me and my sites.

  • umeshbagalur

    very funny… stress burster…

  • Good work

    These are very lovely..
    My choice is “415”.

  • design

    I like “unsupported media type”.

  • cheeming

    My choice is 415

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