Youtube video.."clients" at their worst

Services vendors love to rehash the same old topic - all the lame things the clients/customers do. We see the ‘tech support’ emails going around every year, and the ‘nightmare clients’ media like this one all the time.

Haven’t we seen this before? Who is the audience? Certainly not the clients themselves. Instead, it’s the vendors who maybe are just venting a bit but really, it’s kind of wasteful. Clients will always be like this, and vendors aren’t much better. I wouldn’t be that hard to make a video about all the idiotic things that vendors in the services industry do, but there is no audience for that.

Now, a video that shows how vendors can better deal with difficult customers - by avoiding them and attracting better ones, using various approaches to mitigate misunderstandings and unreasonable demands, etc. - that would be useful and interesting!