Why SEObook.com? Why $300?

I see newbies wanting to learn the basics of SEO directed to SEObook.com pretty often. What I don’t quite get is why people would direct somebody just learning to a site that require a sub fee of $300 a month to access its content when there are free sources available. Is SEObook.com really that good???

Aaron Wall has built his name and reputation as one of the best SEO’s in the business around his SEObook domain and content. While most of the stuff is pure marketing, many people in the industry have stated that a particular piece of information given was worth 100x that $300/m fee.

The free stuff is for beginners to SEO, and to get you hooked on the tools/brand. The paid-for stuff is meant to be more advanced (i’ve never subscribed so I can’t give 1st-hand insight).

The tools are for free only the training is charged, or not?

Seobook has a ton of free stuff, they post well thought out, informative articles on their blog all the time.

SEOBook has an affiliate program, so the majority of people “pimping it out” are doing so to try and earn some $.

If you can afford it, try it out and decide for yourself. If you can’t afford it don’t stress that you’re missing out on some special SEO knowledge.

You can find all you need to know about SEO and the search industry for free by reading blogs and following the industry leaders on twitter.

Nice! I want to tell you that SEOBook.com is very good for SEO. I am also use SEObook.com tools for SEO.


Ah so, their keyword tool was free before ( I used it many times ) but I see it’s now behind a free count http://www.seobook.com/free-account/
Which maybe you need to upgrade after some time

Not from what I saw. When I tried using two of the tools I was taken to a page extolling the virtues of paying $300 a month for SEO training.

mithunsingh - deep pockets? The recession has not been so kind to all. Or have you found a way to use these tools without paying? Or are you just reading the blog?

they are good.
but just for learning the basics IMP google seo guide is enough.

Heh, there is a pretty big market for that. People are stupid enough to pay for all kind of e-books when the majority of the information is freely available :wink:

BTW that stuff isn’t even accessible with a free account now. Bad move…never make something free then demand and exorbitant price for it later. Unless you are a crack dealer.

There are other sources for SEO learning, I just wondered why this one was being pimped out so freely on SP considering the cost. The former free stuff might explain it.