What is right tricks to get high quality backlinks?

I am trying to rank a keyword but I face some problems to get high-quality backlinks for this specific keyword. Please help me for this problem.

Before this thread goes any further, let’s be very clear that the wrong way is link-dropping in forums, especially reputable forums like this one which mark user-submitted links no-follow anyway.

Don’t do it. It won’t get you backlinks; it will get you a ban.

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Do not create backlinks by hiring freelancers or any other things related to paying money.

You can find some guest blogging websites which allow you to add backlinks to the article. Keep in mind that those platforms must have High Domain Authority and traffic.

Another thing you can do is to check your competitor’s backlinks and contact them(the website which provides backlinks to your competitor) and tell them that you also offer the same kind of service.
Mentioning again that do not enter in any money paying activities.

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The backlinks are one of the important factors for ranking. However, it is not recommended to create tons of backlinks in which very few are quality backlinks. It will affect your ranking and Google will penalize your site.

The best way to get the quality backlink is:

  • Guest Blogging on an authoritative platform.

  • Forum Submissions by creating an authority profile and give genuine solutions to the people’s queries.

  • You can also find out the competitor’s strategy and then contact the high-quality sites.

  • You can write and submit the quality article in High authority Article Submission sites.

  • Try to find out the popular brands in your niche and then contact them via Email to review your post and ask for promoting the content if they like it.

These are some ways to get quality backlinks. However, one must aware of the basic fact of Quality over Quantity.

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check DA and PA for high-Qualuty Backlinks

Doesn’t actually tell you anything about how to GET those backlinks…
Just because example.com has high DA/PA doesn’t mean they’re going to give you a backlink, or that their site isnt no-follow for all self-generated links…


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