What does hosting 'unlimited' domains really mean?

Determine what is the platform that your website / applications created with helps you to choose either Windows hosting or Linux hosting plan.
If website are developed with ASP.NET and MSSQL Server database, it is ideal to choose Windows hosting.
For the website / application which created with PHP, mySQL or Ruby on rails, Linux hosting is suitable for you.
At the end, it is still depends on your website and your expertise on selecting the correct hosting plan.

Choosing the windows hosting or linux hosting depends upon as to which development technology is used for your websites.

If it is asp, asp.net with mysql and ms sql, you need to use windows hosting.

If it is php, pel with mysql then linux hosting is more suitable. However, these features can still be supported on windows hosting.

godaddy hosting is not good… try to claim your money back and get another hosting…

What is the prob with Go Daddy.? One of my site is hosted over there for last few years. I don’t face any problem from them. Can you explain your thought.

They are a domain registrar who offer hosting as a side business so their hosting controls are very limited compared to those you get from a proper hosting provider. Of course you may not need all the controls for your hosting and so may be able to manage with the small subset that GoDaddy provide.

I’m running Windows, so do I have to use a Windows hosting service? Or

Most websites and applications require php and mysql, which are running just fine one Linux. As such, most people can do fine with Linux based hosting. The fact that you run Windows on your personal computer is a non-issue.

In the end, you do need to know what your website’s requirements are, before you decide on the hosting platform.

There is no relation between the operating system of your local computer and the operating system of your hosting package or server. Most of the newbies in the hosting industry think that this does make a difference and hence opt for the same operating system, however, this not not correct and you should choose a hosting package according to you with the operating system which is more suitable for your requirements.

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