UTF8, but when set it doesn't work?

I use numerical (not named) entities… so even if my text somehow ends up in someone’s XHTML, I’m still cool : )

I wouldn’t, because (i) I can’t remember them, (b) if it stuffs up someone else’s XHTML because they’ve nicked my content and are too dumb to reprocess it, it serves them right! :lol:

Much less numbered entities are reliant on your character encoding, named entities are not.

That’s the real POINT of the named ones, so for english language use the character encoding doesn’t matter. NOT that for english you NEED any of that extra garbage.

Maybe I’ve been working on computers for too long, but I really don’t understand the need for anything more than ascii7 on english language sites. Shtup styled quotes right up their serifs so far as I’m concerned.

but I really don’t understand the need for anything more than ascii7 on english language sites.

Of course, most of my sites aren’t English…
we have lots of é and ë etc…
but even if I didn’t, I have — which I cannot type out, nor can I type “curlies” nor even the € sign (even though I have a key for it, it’s never done anything).

I wrote those from memory, but once in a while I have to look one or two up (no big deal and doesn’t slow me down any). They’ll work in any of the charsets people tend to throw my stuff on, and they’ll work if someone ever turns them into real XHTML or XML (the named ones are not legal there, excepting about… 4).

Sometimes I need to use these characters in Javascript or CSS (content). There I have to use \u#### anyway.

Which is why you’re the target audience for UTF-8.

I personally believe everyone is the target audience for UTF-8. I don’t see why the world, connected via teh interwebs, needs special ASCII-engrish-only sites, 1251-windows-cyrillic-only sites, 8859-8-i hebrew-only sites, etc etc when everyone could just use one thing that should work everywhere.

No, some need UTF-16 for storage. But Use Unicode, yes!

UTF-16 demands (yeah demands) a BOM. Some UAs are allergic to those… so, bah to UTF-16. Except for some forms of Hindi : )