Twitaway - Win A Free Ticket to JavaScript Live!

Somehow I missed posting the winner to Question 9 - Sorry about that! Hawk and I have been working on this quiz all through the night over here in Australia & New Zealand. We are a bit sleep deprived! :slight_smile:

Here it is…

Congratulations to the winner of Question 9: @PartchBen

Q - What is Kevin’s Twitter name?
A - @Sentience

Ben has won a free pass to Kevin Yank’s Javascript-Live course! Congratulations!

Thanks again to all who participated in our fun trivia quiz. We hope you enjoyed it! Please feel free to leave some feedback about the quiz in this thread…

Join Kevin inside Javascript Live for only $9.95 –>

Am I the only one who found it funny that a thread which had Sarah saying “Hey twits” would be the one to have a large SitePoint staff response? :x :smiley: