Tweaking the Tables on Landing Pages

Still not sure how to get the tables to sit on the same level, appearing to be the same table.

I may just have to bypass this idea or use the tables without anything fancy in them. I’m losing a lot of time on this.

Yea, the graph may be an idea ahead of its time. The page certainly seems adequate without it.

While the page may be adequate, I still aim to try what other online marketers do with their sites. I will figure this out in due time.

I’m going to start a new thread that focuses on a very specific aspect of this project. This thread is too broad in scope and may not help other members.

This is the best I’ve been able to do with your graph idea. Not finished yet and may not work. Nevertheless, what do you think? (the graph is actually a smooth gradient. segmented look caused by .gif)

That’s really nice. I think that may change my ideas a bit. That bar has more size to it, which will grab viewers’ attention more. I might as well go for vertical bars instead. Something has to be figured out for the measurements (the y-axis of the graph / the integral / whatever you want to call it). A background image for that is probably what’s best. There will be more than one bar in this table (like the ‘response rate from members’ cells). I also like my idea of the gradient bar that starts at red (for poor ratings) and transitions into green.

Let’s see the code! That will help me get going, taking off on what you have started here.

On we go, Bullet!