Table properties for IE vs Chrome/FF

I tested the code that I gave you in IE11

Here is my IE11 screenshot…


I appreciate you testing it and I thought a few days ago it worked because I took it of, as suggested, comp view.

However, I noticed that I had this in the header:

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" /><meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />

So I removed it and it wasn’t the same look. I know that is odd but I can’t explain why it’s doing that. I tried clearing the cache and that didn’t help.

What does that mean?

Why don’t you give us a link to your site so that members
can test it in their IE11 browsers?

You could also supply a screenshot in a way similar to mine. :winky:


It’s a password protected user data site so unfortunately I cant do that. But here’s the graphic as above in the feed:

That’s the look with the code unless I put it in compatibility mode.

FF and chrome look like this with the code:

Sort of that embossed look which is what I want.

In that case I put coothead’s css from post #15 into Codepen with a simple html table.

In Firefox, Chrome and IE11 it does look quite similar.

Does that mean that it is an “intranet” site?


…also give us a screenshot similar to the one I gave you in post #21


That is telling IE11 to behave like IE7 which is basically saying 'please break me in every way possible, don’t use any CSS3 and use just bits of CSS2’.

Remove that meta tag immediately and never use it again. The only IE meta tag you should be using is the IE/edge format but these days that’s the default with a proper doctype anyway so there is no need.

As coothead intimated above some Intranet sites will enforce compatibility view in IE when they need to support outdated software that they may be using. You do not suggest this is the case. If indeed you are running on an intranet then you will need to find out from your supervisor what the intranet policy being enforced is.

At the end of the day it would take you 15 minutes work to put up a working example online (or on codepen) showing an example that exhibits the behaviour you are trying to fix. We can’t fix something that no one else sees on their machine with the exact code you are posting.:slight_smile:

Also the fact that you have the emulate IE7 meta tag in place is a considerable worry as there would be no reason to add it unless you have copied blindly from some out of date site or the page you are trying to fix is a million years old? :slight_smile:


No I wasn’t using this. Just a comment that I like that look. I agree with you and it was my mistake, the code DOES work. Somewhere I had a typo and going through it completely fixed it. Was also able to apply a max-width/overflow and ellipsis successfully by adding to your code. Thank you.

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