Streuncked in Inlin-block

That’s twice you’ve addressed me as “Boss”. Please don’t. It’s disrespectful. I work for a living, thank you.

That’s the second time you’ve said “Sorry for the inconvenience.” I find that puzzling.
To me, it’s never an inconvenience to learn a new word. This is an international forum. I learn lots of new, real words and expressions here all the time. It’s fun. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure where that is coming from. My personal commitment is to provide assistance to members of this forum. At my age, it allows me to connect with the modern world in a constructive way… a contributing member of society, so to speak.

I never went to be disrespectful to anyone.

I’m quite sure it wasn’t your intention. But for us, non-native speakers, it is sometimes hard to find the line between nice and rude, respectful or disrespectful.

I haven’t seen anything wrong in your post but my feeling is (and @ronpat will correct me if I am wrong) that ronpat is shy, and he’s just happy to help. He doesn’t think that he’s above anyone else. He’s generous and he will help you as much as he can as long as you try to do your part: trying to do a real effort to learn.


Generally when I am happy with someone and agree with him → “I say ok Boss done.


I think perhaps it’s one of those things which varies from country to country. I’m in Scotland, and don’t see anything at all wrong with what you said. (If you came from Glasgow, you might have said “OK, Big Man”, which would probably have sounded very odd to somebody who isn’t from Scotland. ) One of the things I’ve learned from these forums is that different English-speaking countries use the same word in different ways, so that what might be perfectly acceptable in one sounds rude in another.

I think, though, that where people are intending to be rude, that’s usually quite clear from the general tone of their posts. In other cases, it seems best to me to give folk the benefit of the doubt, and accept their way of wording things as simply a cultural difference. It’s those differences which help to make the forums interesting.


I tried to troubleshoot the margin/padding issue again in the morning, but I am still puzzled.

Troubleshooting steps →
I added a extra class .unbullet-v that solved the widget issue in the right hand-sidebar, but that was again a bit problematic in the responsive version whose one break point now is 950px;
This is the Problem →

that is when the main-sidebar is coming in full width version in the media query break point is is leaving extra margin/padding in the right.

The biggest difference between the widget in the right hand side, and then in the full width above the footer was of few classes. so I re-troubleshooted and copy pasted the entire ul from the full-width widget setting to the sidebar widget setting, but that also didn’t fixed the above issue.

          <aside class="main-sidebar col">
                    <h3>The Widget Heading Text</h3>
                    <ul class="unbullet unbullet-v">
                       <li class="snippet-box vertical">

There are few classes that are doing this →


Actually these are the extra classes on main-sidebar widget as compared to the wide-aside or full width widget. .col is playing a major rule, but if I delete it from the html than the full desktop design will be distorted.

what are the possible tweaks?

Can a class be completely disabled in media queries versions w/o eliminating it from the the HTML?

The properties that are assigned to a className can be changed in a media query so they alter or negate previously established properties.

(The body is too similar to … thank you, Discourse)

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Can you please tweak with the 3 classes that I mentioned in the media query to get the desired results that I failed.

I wanted to achieve something like this.
hey CSS when you find .col inside the .main-sidebar then implement this code →
.main-sidebar .col {padding-right: 0px;}

I am believe I am wrong in some way because it is not executing.

Novicedeveloper, is this the URL to the HTML for that page:

I will look at the code but because I am not a Bootstrap person I cannot promise speed or good results. I will give the page at the above U R L another look to see if I can find the cause of the different column widths.

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Yes, but its not bootstrap. Can you please hide the direct url path. Thanks.

OK, I see now that you are calling font-awesome using a bootstrap CDN. No probs. I’ll do what I can.

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I put 2 css class w/o space, and it looks like to be working →
.main-sidebar.col {padding-right: 0px;}

For now things seems to be fixed, but I think I have not adopted the best coding practice, may be yes. Not sure!
May be I will get things more clear as I will mature with practice in all these things, but looks like I have learned a lot in these days.

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can you educate me with one more thing? which CSS property to use so that the animated search overlaps with menu. Currently it is throwing them away.

Any Help?

Hi, Novicedeveloper. Sorry for being so slow. I’ve had a couple of unplanned “surprised” to deal with that has taken me away from the keyboard.

I will continue with your code shortly.

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One search box overlapping examples here → click here

.subscribtn {width:40%;padding: 7px 10px; background-color: #00A2E8; color: #FFFFFF; text-decoration:none; height:40px; border: 2px solid #00A2E8;}
.input {width: 60%%;height:40px; border:2px solid #00A2E8; padding: 7px 0px;}

<input type="text" name="" value="" class="input"><a href="#" class="subscribtn"> <i class="fa fa-clipboard" aria-hidden="true"></i> Subscribe</a>

Then why is the input box and the button not aligning properly, the button is going slightly upward.

The live link

As soon as I changed this →
<a href="#" class="subscribtn"> <i class="fa fa-clipboard" aria-hidden="true"></i> Subscribe</a>

to →
<button href="#" class="subscribtn"> <i class="fa fa-clipboard" aria-hidden="true"></i> Subscribe</button>

<a></a> was changed to <button></button>

what was going on?

Solution → as soon as I used the property vertical-align: middle; in .subscribtn the issue disappeared. even in <a></a>

Are you satisfied with the way the search field is working at all widths? and have you checked the HTML in the validator?