Should I be concerned that my host has just been bought out?

So my hosting company, that I’ve been with since 07, has been bought out by group that has a lot of hosting companies (many of which are well known) and domain companies under its belt. My question is, to those of you on these well known hosts (Hostgator, Bluehost, Fatcow, etc.) , how has the buyout affected your service, if at all?

I personally don’t use shared hosting anymore for basically anything, but when I do, or when I help clients set it up or refer them, I generally try to steer clear of Endurance International Group, as we’ve discussed in other topics over the last couple of years, on this forum. Here’s a post that I think is still kept up to date that lists their companies ( ). That’s just my personal opinion though.

I’m sure a lot of companies on that list have perfectly adequate services.

In general, buyouts usually depend on how the buyout was structured. If they’re buying them out but leaving their infrastructure, personnel, etc in place for now, you probably won’t notice big changes. If they’re just buying them to keep using that brand, and are replacing everything behind the scenes… could very well see some changes.


Yeah. That’s what I’m afraid of. If they keep the infrastructure in place it would be great. Buuuut based on what I’ve read on sites like Glassdoor, I don’t think that will happen.

I used to host with a small company and the interaction was personal. They setup a couple of special hosting packages for a couple of my sites.
When the new company came along ( a big hosting company ) they kept the name but moved all the sites to new accounts. I only found out when my sites had problems. They did sort things out but the prices went up and the support was not as good. I left soon after.

I would wait awhile and see how things go but look around for potential alternatives anyway.

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Everything I read about EIG is bad. Their main business plan seem to be taking over hosting companies, getting rid of staff, and migrating/consoludating accounts to various server farms. At the end of the day they are stripping out every cost they can to bolster profits for their shareholders, seemingly without a care for customers. is worth a read.

If I was hosted with one of their hosters I’d be planning to move as soon as possible.

It was a different company but was basically doing the same thing.

Personally, when my hosting company have been bought, I moved my hosting. It’s adding uncertainty that I don’t want when managing my businesses.

As you mentioned A grout by your hosting company which also contain the companies like Hostgator and Bluehost, For sure it was done by ENDURANCE group. Look its a good group of companies. You can trust it. However if company change it’s policy and that will not suitable for you, then you can can change your host. It is just a few hour work.

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