Search Engine Optimization for China

I mean if your plan is to increase popularity, you should target a bigger population but if you just want to increase sales in your area then you can just focus on that.

The SEO rules for the Chinese Internet market (Baidu and Google China) are a bit different than that of any other country. The Internet market works differently due to various social, political and technological reasons. It’s quite remarkable that Google China has so far failed to take over the Chinese search engine market which is still dominated by Baidu – maybe the only company in the world still beating Google in their own niche.

Most of the websites’ incoming traffic comes from search engine queries, so Google is extremely important for any site out there that’s interested in getting traffic, and the Internet is full of SEO experts with advice on how to help Google better understand your site, hopefully resulting in higher Google rankings and increased incoming traffic.

hey i heard that in china Google got banned then y the hell u seeking seo for google in china ? :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

The original question did not say they wanted to SEO for Google, it was about how do you seo for China.
While Google are not huge in China they are still used, especially by travellers using their own laptops or smartphones.
The SEO of the website is to suit any search engine, not just Google. I don’t design my sites to suit Google, I design them to suit my customers. The SEO bit comes with your content (hence the discussions about Chinese characters/Pinyin, etc), blogs & forums (As suggested above by a few of us) etc.
Please read the whole thread before making stupid comments

the url used in chinese characters are automatied changed into the symbols.

Yes, I have learned a quite interesting facts about SEO for Chinese Websites!!, i got a chance to work on SEO for Chinese Website but dont know where to start so, i just added meta tags and left it … that too in English language. Now i will consider them to change in their popular language which irishman suggested.

Thanks a lot for the whole discussion especially for irishman!! for valueble inputs. waiting to see more from you!!