Saying Goodbye to iPhone. Any Suggestions?

Best of luck. Maybe you’ll be back to iPhone, it is hard to change :slight_smile:

Ok so after a few hours on my new Android…
Not liking it. Hahahaha-
First thing that I want to do is change the launcher :frowning:

First thing that I want to do is change the launcher

What is a launcher? Are you talking about the main interface thingy? Changing that is usually pretty intense and greatly reduces battery life. I’ve never had good experiences with changing it, but you can do it.

The Nexus is a little bit of an older version of the phone, I’m not sure that it can run the latest without doing some hacking. Wiki says it runs 4.3 as the latest, which is last version of Android. It came with 4.0 originally so make sure you do an update just in case.

If can be made to run 4.4 then the how to will be on XDA Developers. I generally don’t mess with stuff like that because my phone is too expensive and too important to play around with and Android, unlike iOS, doesn’t really need to be rooted (jailbroken) or hacked to be useful. :slight_smile:


A Nexus 6 photo was leaked today:

I know @marketingpanda already made his choice, but the Nexus 6 was announced today.

Also, the Nexus 9 Tablet which looks pretty nice too.

Wow really? Will definitely going to check those.

Just found out that Android launched its newest version which is the Lollipop.

Yeah, that came out with the 6 and 9 announcements.

Also the Google Player. We don’t have cable and rely completely on Chromecast, so I’m pretty stoked about that one too.


We use Rokus (I think I have 3 of them now…)

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Try the latest oppo N1 one of the best android smartphone of oppo

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Yea I heard this one is a monster phone. Is this the one with the rotating camera? Hmmm…

I was so disapointed when the Ubuntu Edge didn’t happen :frowning:

I got a Galaxy s5 and DETEST it! It eats battery like I’ve never seen. I have mine with all notifications and background data turned off (so what is the point of a smartphone?!) but it still leaks power, even with no apps running. I can’t get a decent photo with the “amazing” camera either…Maybe (probably) I’m doing something wrong, but it is not intuitive at all, IMO. I’m going back to iPhone as soon as I can. I know I have complaints with them too, but they do not outweigh my Galaxy problems!

I use phone iPhone (5, 5c and 6+) at work and I have a Samsung Galaxy S4. For me, Samsung Galaxy wins hands down. I will say that it is true that it east more battery than iPhone, though.

Me too and I love it! The S4 has been very good to me :smile:

My smartphone chain went… iPhone 3G (work), iPhone 4 (work), HTC Thunderbolt (personal), Razr HD (personal), and now I have an iPhone 5 (work) and an iPhone 5s (personal). I’m plugging to be on the list to rotate from the 5 to a Samsung Galaxy S5 - not because I love it, but if you have to carry two… might as well be different.
I have to say that the Razr HD was a nice phone, and I loved, loved, loved the battery life. But I’m not sure I’d go back to Android personally. I liked the idea of customization and gadgets and coolness but at the end of the day I just want reliable talk/text/email/internet browsing… and that’s about it. And my Android(s) (and my wife’s several) crashed, froze, etc far more than iOS.

As for launchers… I hated the default launcher on both of mine, and replaced both at one point or another. I never seemed to have any more battery depletion than with the stock one, on either phone. The Thunderbolt lost some when rooted and using Cyanogen or w/e it was, but just replacing the launcher wasn’t an issue (for me). Made them both more usable.

I’m not sure I’d like the big screens but I don’t plan to replace my phone anytime soon, so we’ll see…

I’ve got a OnePlus its brilliant!

Yeah you can try Samsung Galaxy S5 but it’s kinda pricey. You check the newest release from Samsung. the A series. The cameras are quite surprising. :smile:

The OP made a choice back in October and hasn’t been around in the last three months, so further suggestions are unnecessary.

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