Research shows adhering to WCAG doesn't solve blind users' problems

I like the comment of user “Tanya77” This is an interesting area of web design that is often overlooked. I’ve never even considered optimizing my site for this demographic before. How would one determine if they have visually impaired traffic on their site?

There’s no easy way to tell, but the odds are that you’ll be getting some visually impaired visitors, unless your site is specifically aimed at something only sighted people would be interested in, but that’s quite a narrow field. Of course, if your site is inaccessible or difficult to use for visually impaired people, you probably won’t get much traffic, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t try to use your site, it just means that they gave up. Sites that are accessible and easy to use for people with disabilities and impairments do get noticed by these groups and word gets around when they are particularly good.