Removing Hyperlink from a button

ok, so then I just do this then.

remove block, keep border:0.

<div id="myscroll2" style="display: none;">
<iframe style="border:0;" name="frame2" width="266" height="174" ></iframe>

That is better.
Ideally I would have css: iframe { border:0; }

I’m not using css cause I’m using blogger, even though I could use it on there.

Then you are not using CSS for some other reason?

For some things I like using css, especially if I’m using a blank blogger page.

Now I remember why I had display:block in there.

I have them sitting on top of each other, so without it, if I click on one, one of the other 2 will move. Display:block keeps them in place so that if you open one, the other 2 won’t move.

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