Rebuilding site in static HTML & CSS but terrified to out source


Hi from pitch black totally freezing York UK frowning

Ive decided to rebuild a site in static HTML & CSS, ive done it in the past but I had more time then. My personality finds it hard to outsource (Ive been ripped off in the past) and my budget is no bigger than the value a rusted out caravan (£500 tops) but is there a zero bullsh@!ing company who can write css & html without me needing a translator to understand what they are saying.

The proposed site would be a static version of this & thats it. So if any one can give me a "non" bias thumbs up to a company based in the UK that can convers sites into static HTML with one eye on best practice you adice is most welcome!



@PaulOB is someone you want to get into contact with. He's not a company but he's the best in this business and he lives in the UK IIRC. He normally does PSD to HTML conversions but that's probably just because his design skills are not great (no offense Paul!)

Since he has a visual to work off of, he can probably be of great help to you. His website is . He might have a contact form there.



Thanks Ryan! Ive made e-mail contact. I remember his name (and yours) from hekp you gave free to me years ago with my first static site smile

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I am a bit biased though but you know first-hand you can't go wrong with Paul smile . Good luck!



It has been just over fifteen years and I still remember the bleak UK winters I spent in the Original York smile

If you only want your existing Wordpress site converted to basic html/css then you may be interested in this topic:

I am in the process of adding a delete feature to the cache so that pages generated by the original site will take precedence again but only until a cached file is once again available.

You can see the work in progress here:


To view the file (Beware: must use without .html extension):


Another option although I do not know how easy it would be to update is to copy your current site with a program like:



I have just uploaded your front page to my site and you can test it here:

I have not checked that all files have been uploaded but most seem to be OK.

How many pages have you on your site?



Looks an interesting site.

I tried the quick installation but it did not work. It is rather late here so will try again tomorrow.


Wow thats quite incredible that can can be done smile Knowing I want one external css file I know this site built via wordpress has too many external files so I fear even if we could scrape the site I'd still end up with bloated code frowning

But i am very gratefull for you help & astonished this could be done in the first place.

The ultimate goal for me is that I have lightweight code that I simply upload via ftps and get back in control of my site again and say goodbye to wordpress for ever!


Try this:

and this:!/chipiy/

and this:

There are another 27 pages to optimise smile

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