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And a good thing, too.
I’m an SDLC/Rational Tools consultant :slight_smile:

I am software engineer, . in my property consulting business i am using activeCollab software for project management , and its great result.

I think activeCollab is best solution for you.

Interesting that this post has come back to life, there’s a great list here

43 Project management software alternatives compared | Time Doctor - Time Management Software

There’s a table which compares all the best options at a glance - there are so many solutions around at the moment, that it’s hard to make an informed decision. I guess even if they check all the boxes, you still need to do a trial and then see if the product is going to be a good fit for you.

Looks like zoho is the winner for overall functionality and the Google Apps integration is good stuff.

Anyone worked with it?

That’s one I did actually try, it seems reasonably good. I’m just trying out at the moment, I’m very impressed with it so far. It’s like odesk team viewer but with collaboration tools.

I use Microsoft Project 2010. Having experimented with many project management software, I feel Project 2010 by Microsoft is the best. It helps smoothen the process for completing projects. Also IMHO, it is among the best project scheduling software out there. There’s a good chance it would meet your needs. I recommend Microsoft Project 2010 because of its many advanced features. Although, it’s not free, you can try out the FREE trial version for 60-days.

I use Open Workbench,comes very close to MS Project, but is client-based. Provides import of MS Project files (XML).


For someone who needs a complicated project management software with Gantt charts support etc there is for example for free. For smaller project you can try, also for free (basic plan),, what is more for online collaboration, personal project as well as for less complicated project in your company. Both softwares are SaaS, so you can use them with many people,wherever you want - only what you need is internet access.
I hope this info will be helpful for you.

Thanks for replying the post, i was searching for project management s/w.

Did you try Dooster Task Manager | Online Project Management | Task Management ? It’s excellent. Our company uses it and if customer service is important to you then it’s even better. They’re really nice. We didn’t need anything custom built or tailor made with them because it was all there and ready with I’m sorry you’ve had so much trouble.

BTW I wonder which software Mitch went with eventually.

I recommend Projectile. Super simple, but also has all the needed features. Its not only a project manager, too, since it does other thing like Invoicing, Time tracking, etc. And, since you can have multiple users, all my employees can be assigned tasks easily through Projectile. Home | Projectile Pro give it a try, you might like it.

I’m not sure if Zoho Projects (Web-based) can do that but you can give it a try. Here’s a project management software package called Latitude that can do what you look for. Although it’s not a web-based application, you can still remotely access it through RDS, which allows you to run an application remotely via network.

Personally, I am leaning towards a free web-based project management solution so I am trying out TeamLab and Freedcamp. I hope that Freedcamp will be able to integrate with Google Apps in the future.

May I suggest my development? :slight_smile:
Manage projects, share files, collaborate with people and control your finances online.

I can give you a longer trial period if you interested! Just email me.

You can register for free (no credit card info needed! - just a simple registration). I suggest to select the biggest plan to see every functionality of my cloud application, cause every plan has a 30 day totally free period.

I think the prices are very competitive ones. :slight_smile:

We’ve been using GoPlan for about 4 months now and so far so good.

It’s got a lot of features we dont need, and we are only using it for managing project tasks - no sales, leads, accounting, etc.

If you have ever plan to switch over -and you choose co3 for some reason- just drop me a line and I will happy to help you. :slight_smile:

I suggest you have a look at Saviom employee scheduler (Employee Scheduling Software - Powerful, Affordable & Easy to Use).

Tracking time for your business can be made easier with Time Doctor software. It helps in easy time tracking for all your business projects ensuring profitability and productivity both at the same time.

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comparing two software tools for administration and management
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My winning combo, at the moment, is ActiveCollab + PivotalTracker. Incredible combination!