Problem with CSS hover on menu dropdown which is inherited properties

Im trying to modify some preexisting CSS that controls a hover drop-down menu. I want to add some sort of indicator on the mouse over to indicate that you are hovering over a hot zone. maybe a shadow or something to be determined. For testing I thought I would just change the alpha of the zone.

The menu list visibility is controlled by the inheritance of the main menu, so when I change the opacity of the menu item to indicate a hover it is changing the dropdown list as well.

“.settings” is the main menu, “s#ettingslist” is the dropdown

My CSS looks like this

#settingslist {display:none;right:23px;top:22px;position:absolute;z-index:10;background-color:grey;}
.settings {float:right;line-height:99%;margin: -3px 8px 0 0;}
.settings:hover > #settingslist {display:inherit;}
.settings:hover {opacity, .5};

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