Opacity of background VS text

ok… one more thing… what is importance of “alt” in xxx

I never used this but 99% examples have this. is it make any type of difference?

I don’t know what you mean by “xxx” but alt=“” is used for accessibility. If the image doesn’t load or the user is blind and gets the page read to the user, the alt text is what would be shown/read to the user. It’s part of Section 508 which covers your bum (especially if you are a business or coding for a business).

It’s used on <img>

xxx means nothing,just to fill the space there… specially not that mean… :stuck_out_tongue:

so it is not mandatory to use it but should be used… right?

It’s best to consider it as mandatory. Here’s what the validator has to say about it:

An img element must have an alt attribute, except under certain conditions. For details, consult guidance on providing text alternatives for images.

You would be screwing over any disabled people or people who browse without images on. Treat it as mandatory as Ralph said.

Yes, it’s accessibility 101. Leave it out, and you’re not in the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok… if Experts are saying so then i must follow. I will add this to all my scripts…:slight_smile:

I will make new post called My doubts and will ask such tyoe of doubt in it only… so that i can get all my answers at one place and it will help others too who want the answers for such problems… A kind of problem Encyclopedia…

Remember to google stuff, too. Everything has been answered already, so avail yourself of that information. :slight_smile:

Hummmm… i do it on first place but if i dont get a proper explanation, i come here.
I dont want to follow anything without explanations…
Making copy is a temporary solution, so i want to learn first and then to implement.

Thanks to you all who always helped me in such condition…
Hats Off to all you Genius out there